Thursday, 11 October 2007

As Above, Not So Below.

This week I had several requests for art prints, I completed them today and will post to the US over the weekend. I print them with an Epson Pro 4000 large format printer and pack them myself. The Pro 4000 is simply incredible, great colour, detail and speed. To add to that you could have heard my monocle pop when I first realised the prints come out of the machine bone dry...and un-smudgable. So if you're thinking of making your own prints and posters you ought to consider this range. The print quality is truly outstanding. So called 'giclee' print should have a standard, if it did, it would be of this Epson range and above. Unfortunately many 'giclee' fall far short.

My large art prints are currently just $39.99 from my eBay store.

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