Sunday, 7 October 2007

Blue Apple. ~ Click here for Apple Auction ~

My father could draw, he was talented that way but never encouraged. It was impossible for a kid of his background to somehow find a place at art school in the 40's and 50's. It would have been Glasgow school of art had it ever been thinkable.

He seems to have had a strong natural drawing skill and he once told me of his delight at the reaction of a teacher who discovered him drawing a 'Sunderland Flying Boat' in chalk on a blackboard. I believe he said the teacher brought children from all over St Columbkille's school to see his picture and he was astonished.

He was astonished again when chalk was hurled at him in art class when 'Daddy Dolan' discovered he had drawn a blue apple. 'Apples urny blue Moore!' Dolan thundered. This was his introduction to Dyschromatopsia - colour blindness. The apple was the colour it was and it was only years later in the Navy that he discovered that most people didn't see it that way.

My apple (below) started out red. It was painted with red wine but wine settles in a different way on the card I am using this evening. It doesn't matter, an apple is an apple is an apple.

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