Wednesday, 31 October 2007

A Portrait for All Seasons.

I had this idea. When you visit a national portrait gallery you expect to see a lot of mugs. Many, if not all, beautifully painted. The subjects national heroes, villains, writers, actors and artists. Well, actually, few artists tend to feature as subjects, but the paintings are more than representative of them. These are the famous people of a nation and having visited the National Portrait gallery in Edinburgh, Scotland, some years back, I had wondered if it would be possible to have a painting of an anonymous individual. A few days ago I suggested it to James Holloway, the director of the Scottish National Portrait gallery, that there be a place put aside for a painting of an average person. This painting could be on rotation, after a short period, perhaps a season, switched for another unknown subject and perhaps by an unknown artist. This would be a way to bring new people to the gallery, to feature new artists and most importantly foster portraiture...something of a dying art. If such a scheme exists I didn't see it on my visit.
I made the suggestion after it was pointed out that only the greatest subjects of the nation feature in the gallery. Certainly the most famous are on show at the SNPG, national celebrities, many of them perhaps great, but not all.


Steve Jones said...

An excellent idea and I sing in harmony with your sentiments. I've always found real magic in the "average person"

BillyWarhol said...

I'm afraid my Sis' Westie BUBS is "BEST IN SHOW!!"