Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Burden - Brass Neck Sketches

I'm now posting the sketches from yesterday. They range from the very notional and simple to more detailed work. At this stage I'm fleshing out some simple ways to make the painting.

I wasn't going to paint a picture, just a sketch series to raise funds for the casting of the sculpture. However I have become interested in making a painting too. I will be seeking a model for this at some point but until I have a model I'm going to play around with possible compostions. I'm imaging a male figure with an un-spectacular physique. In fact an old and tired body most likely.

So here are some of the things I have been playing with in the last few days. I tried to explain at the school talk today that it is difficult (even pointless) to think too much about the relative quality of a sketch. It's a working study and not a finished piece of art. Also some very finished and powerful sketches are too controlled and therefore limit what you can learn by making them.

I'm showing this image first because it is one I really like now, but I didn't like it at first...in fact I chucked it. Painted sketches take time to dry...but they also take time to settle in the mind.

Enough yap-yap.

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