Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ideas & Value

After the talk I visited a new art materials store that I have found. Well new to me anyway. They had a nice series in notebooks, some of the prices did seem lower than Zlata Lod (The Golden Ship) my usual store.
I love notebooks. One child in class today asked me where I get my ideas and I think the answer was two-fold. On the one hand I spoke about my asking that very question of Jim Baikie, an artist in Orkney who very generously let me work in his studio many years ago now (on work experience from college). Jim suggested carrying around a little notebook so that when an idea comes you can log it. He suggested it should always be within reach because many ideas are fleeting, at 2am when you spring awake with some stunning reverie playing in your mind, it should be there. In this way you build a catalogue of notions and possible directions that you will otherwise forget.

The second thing I said to the kids was that you have ideas every day that you accept as happening to you but do not keep or see as important. They have a value and it is the artist in you that recognises the value and notes the thought. Knowing the value of a thought in and of itself is a step in that direction. Like lucid dreaming, you can be aware of this as its happening and assert some control by bringing it to life.

But the more you do this the more you find ideas just start coming. The struggle comes when you have to raise your physical, artistic skills to do justice to whatever fantastical thought is playing in your imagination.

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