Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pouring & Staining - click photo for detail

I was asked yesterday if I pour the wine on as I work. Not usually, but this example was established in splashes. With wine its quite to build layers as each time I wet a dried area it all comes live again, but it can work and some of the results are beguiling. There are ways around the problem of course. Also wine pictures tend to begin as rich reds and purples and quickly settle as more a sepia like value. In layering here I did however begin to lose the picture and had come to the opinion that it was lost. SO - I did what one just has to do and hid it from myself and started new work. After a few days I saw it with fresh eyes and did what you see here.

Painted first in wine I established several layers and then tinted in oils. There is also some red pastel in the bottom portion.

I am close to starting with a model, that will be interesting work. A fusion of these drawings and whatever I learn by studying the model. The finished painting may take many weeks. I am thinking of creating a series now but I better watch I don't get too carried away. One thing at a time and stick to schedule!

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