Thursday, 2 April 2009

Stages & Theatre

Today I gave demonstrations on drawing technique to 2 classes at ISP school in Prague. I also talked to students in 3 other classes about my work and the realities of living as an artist, I hope it helped them. Later I'll post examples from the demo's.

I was reminded today that this stage (of sketching) is just part of a process. It would be easy to forget that for me when sketches are made in number (like here) that nothing is fixed, finished or as it will be completed. I forget that it is not always obvious to visitors that something is being shaped at this stage. It's easy to see the work here as finished yet nothing here took more than 15 minutes ( in the brass neck series). It is not precious but it is crucial. Sketching has brought many new things to this project.

it always feels independent of my plans as though the process is informing me with new options, independent of what I want or thought I was planning. It's very strange and seems paradoxical. How can I be learning something from something I'm making? This is similar to something about dreaming that I mentioned a few weeks ago.

But in looking here remember most of the work took only a few minutes and the pictures are just plans, doodles, notes. It may go no further or may become something very time consuming. Just can't say at this stage...

The sketches are available at £50 (GBP) and their sale will directly support the making of the sculpture. The sculpture will cost me 1200 pounds to create and will be auctioned for charity on completion, so support me in this work and buy one if you like what you see.

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