Wednesday, 2 September 2009

DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY! - The Duck takes The Hulk.

The winner is Paul Coates who correctly guessed at noon today via Twitter:
"@opipop the silver surfer and goofy. the goofy surfer. or the incredible hulk crossed with donald. the incredible duck."

Nice one Paul, you nailed it even down to the title 'Donald Hulk, The Incredible Duck'. Later today I'll post some of my favourite suggestions for other 'merger' images of Marvel / Disney characters soon. This series is now complete and I'll be offering the artwork for charitable purposes soon. I'm looking into it now so if you like my work 'stay tooned' and you can bid for the prints soon and in the process, with the proceeds, do some good.

This series was inspired by news that Disney bought Marvel comics the other day.
More details soon...please feel free to leave your comments.


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BillyWarhol said...

Darn! I din't Win $333 MEGA MILLIONS + now this*

I'm throwin' in da Towel........