Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tinkerbellactus, print 2 of 3 in the merger series.

Guess what my third Disney / Marvel merger will be to win an original print.

Q - What do you get if the biggest name in comics is swallowed up by a sweet little fairy?
A - 'Tinkerbellactus'

Print two in the set of 3.

Charity auction details coming up...as is print number 3...can you guess what my final merger will be?
If you guess correct I'll send you a print...but be quick, I'm loading the finished print tomorrow.

If one is Spidermoush (or spidermouse) and two is Tinkerbellactus...what will number three be?

Answer that question, dear reader, and you'll have won an original print that you can hang in your homestead as a graphic symbol of your sagacious wit and misspent youth!

Be quick...send your comments now.


1 comment:

BillyWarhol said...

well my first guess was SpideyMouse so I guess Goofy Fab 4 is my next choice* ;))