Friday, 13 August 2010

Become a Patron of Wine Ink.

If you would like to collect my work or otherwise like to support my artistic endeavours, I am now offering a patrons programme. I've added a new and growing list of supporters to my blog in the side-bar that will include you.

Each of my supporters will receive a text link in the side-bar, in the patrons list, and an original sketch or limited print. I will also make a short post the artwork I have sent to the supporter for a commitment of $65.

I had this idea some time ago but was prompted to act by recent requests. Patrons will be kept updated on how their support of my work has directly led to the purchase of new materials or otherwise allowed me to take on projects I couldn't otherwise hope to do.

Anyone who has ever visited an art materials store knows just how expensive it can be. Your support allows me an extra degree of creative freedom and freedom means everything.

To become a patron contact me here :
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Thank you for following Wine Ink.

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Ida said...

Wow! I really like these drawings and they're painted in wine! very unique and beautiful!