Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Astor Odd - iPhone doodle.

2005 YU55 'Astor Odd' (Cut Me 2night)

Painting in the dark...with pixels. I couldn't sleep last night and so started sketching on my iPhone using the Brushes app. With an iPhone you can paint in the dark.

This is nuts but I  was thinking about the approaching asteroid and for some reason thought of a scene described in Hemingway's 'A Movable Feast'. Ford Maddox Ford describes 'cutting' Hilaire Belloc (Ignoring or passing without acknowledgement - 'I cut him') only to discover it was not Belloc but in fact Aleister Crowley the diabolist aka 'The Wickedest Man in the World'. I read this book years ago, no idea why that came to mind except perhaps that it's an oddly creepy scene. And there is something very creepy about coming so close to something or someone who represents so much potential for darkness. I've read it was not a 'planet killer', but I don't understand that, It's huge and travelling at an estimated 30,000mph. Lethal....or lithography on a grand scale.

 It was overcast so I didn't bother going to the window. I'm not sure I could have seen 2005 YU55 even if it had been a clear night. 2005 YU55 is the name given to the asteroid that narrowly missed us last night. We have a great sky view here on a clear night so it might be possible.

I've seen strange lights in the sky here now and again, in most cases Chinese lanterns. But one evening, after a storm, I saw what may have been ball lightning. Maybe.

The most inspiring observation was the separation of the shuttle from the ISS. I had seen the ISS pass one evening, it was brighter than usual because of the addition of the docked shuttle. A big, steady flowing star coursing overhead. The following evening I watched for it and saw two small closely aligned stars coming toward us from the west. An amazing thing to witness the 'undocking' with the naked eye.

BTW - I just read that 'The Mekons' will be playing in Prague tonight... 30,000 mph asteroids one night, Mekons the next...what is this the future?

The original 'Mekon' from British 1950's comic, Dan Dare.

I'll post more of my iPhone sketches soon...and some updates on new oil paintings and whatnot.

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