Thursday, 3 November 2011

WACOM update.

A quick update. While I'm a little sad to have cancelled the Inkling I'm pleased to say WACOM repaid me today.

A three month wait is fine if that's part of the deal, my beef with WACOM is they continue to advertise the Inkling on their site with a 'buy now' button. Who knows how many other customers bought one, just as I did, three months ago, (or any time from then 'til now) and have not received the item or heard a word from them.

Not to knock WACOM, they make a great product. I have an Intuos 2 and it's magic.
Tablets, they and demand or handling customers, not sure that's their thing.

But I still say, with a bit of internet TLC they could have kept my money, I'm a patient, loyal, chap.

I guess I'll buy an iPad or a Kindle or something.


Anonymous said...

You did the right thing. Seems like, since Wacom has a monopoly on tablet products, their is little incentive for them to care about ethical marketing procedures.

If Wacom sent out a press release explaining the situation it would be less of a big deal. At any rate, somebody at Wacom made a bad decision to promote this product without having the proper supply. Some one at Wacom should be fired.

Stewart Kenneth Moore (Booda) said...

A monopoly, that might explain it. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for your comment.