Tuesday, 13 March 2012

It's been a while...

I've said this to friends who 'blog' and in previous posts here, I don't believe in feeling pressure to blog every other day or even every other week. I blog when I have something to share and I hope that anyone interested in my work will bookmark WINE INK or otherwise set things up so that they are alerted to my infrequent posts.

But still...somehow I still feel I've neglected this blog this last few months. Most of my thoughts and interests are shared on Twitter these days, every day in fact. So if you are interested in where I'm finding inspiration follow me on Twitter here: @Opipop. 

I have a lot to share, so over the next week or two there will likely be a flurry of new posts as I come up for air between projects.

Incidentally, some very sad news for creative artists everywhere. Jean Giraud, one of the greatest imaginative artists ever to walk this earth, passed away this week at 73 after a long illness. You may not have heard of him but you have seen his hand many times whether you know it or not. 

He worked under the pen names of 'Gir' and 'Moebius'. As with many innovators, his work is so influential that his ideas have been adopted by many and for a long time. So much so that it will be hard for anyone finding him now to truly understand just how innovative he was. 

It's nearly impossible to imagine how singular an artistic presence his was now that so much has been inspired by him. To me Moebius is like a colour and I see it everywhere. Great artists are like that, they influence everything to such an extent that we stop seeing them and take that contribution for granted. A quiet, diligent, humble genius, an artistic shaman, someone I respected in art.

Rest in peace master Moebius.

This short film covers his life well. I'll post again on Jean Giraud later in the year.

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