Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Infinity is Very Long, Especially Toward The End"

The title of this short post is a Woody Allen one-liner that just seems appropriate somehow. I recently completed a portrait that I have been working on for three or four years. It too seemed to take longer the closer I got to the finish line.

Oil Portrait in Progress (Winter 2011...Brrrr)
Not that I was grafting all that time, I was initially blocked and just couldn't push it forward, then I realised I didn't like what I was doing, I tried new directions, then it seemed impossible to make the new improved approach work. I think I've created the impression over the years that I like to work on several things at once, it's not really true. It's just that when I'm blocked and cannot move forward I move sideways. But even when I cannot paint or draw what I want, I'm always drawing, always making something. Most of it goes unseen.

I finished the portrait about four weeks ago but could not say anything until I was sure. Since then I've been travelling in the United States.

In a few days I hope to have time to explain, in a longer post, something of this new painting that has been on my easel far, far too long.


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