Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Still Painting with Wine...

Still Painting with Wine...
The texture applied to this picture, most obvious in the lenses, can be seen in the detail below. 

Wine Painting
I started this blog to host the sketches and paintings I made with wine. I'm still doing it. For example the texture in the eye-glasses in my previous post was made with red wine.

This detail of a portrait of a my grandfather shows the source texture for the graphic novel image above.

Why Call it Wine Ink Blog?
Because 6 or 7 years back I started to use wine as a drawing and painting medium, I had the idea as I stained a paper pad while drinking at, what was then, my local vinarna. The picture below( titled 'Oenophile' ) was my first sketch with wine.

I took 'wine ink' because I discovered wine was such a good stain-maker that the Vatican made ink from it back in the day (for signing important documents it seems).

What Goes Around Comes Around
About a month or so ago someone pointed to an article in The Daily Mail about a revolutionary artist who paints with wine! Eureka!

Funny, I thought I was the first to do that several years back. But I may have been wrong too, an artist in California may have been at it for a few months when I got started. I discovered this after I had the blog up and running and googled the process. Beat to it by a nose.

Today painting with wine is very common it seems, so I have no idea why The Daily Mail would...oh...slow news day. Right.

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Joe Jonash said...

Nice art! I haven't seen an art like that before.