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Friday, 24 September 2010

One Glass of Wine & Verse Versus Multiverse.

One. Admittedly a large one. But one glass can paint a picture or, like my previous post, fuel an opinionated rant.

Ok, so in the interests of 'clarety' I should be clear that I think anyone can create and develop an art and find that art rewarding. I do however hate when I read about the wonders of something that is not wonderful. I think people can be easily overwhelmed by that, put off in some way. One way to get over this would be to immerse yourself in art, study it, its history. If you dislike contemporary art, read about it, learn about it. You may find it opens up to you. If you think academic work is stale and dead, study it. Read about the break throughs, if you understand these things you can better understand your own position and where you stand in terms of your work. Just read broadly, view broadly. You'll develop a sump of sorts, a swamp of things you've seen and from that an informed opinion.

I see, in many cases, where ideas have been nicked from artists of yesteryear. True originators in each art era, not so clued in perhaps to the financial benefits of public relations, have been grave-robbed by a vapid new crew. Often you can tell something is wrong by the press it gets, as though these artists go to press 'too much'.

Read 'The Painted Word' by Tom Wolfe and get a handle on the real ART (Art theory as PR) behind the 'art' of the abstract expressionists. There needs to be a new 'Painted Word' for all the sillyness we see today.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate art from every era, just not the gas that goes with it. I also think that thanks to the internet we have a chance to see astonishing talent coming up that deserves better exposure. The net has been incredibly liberating in this way, I see at least one inspiring art endeavour each day. But I still find myself amazed by how people will allow themselves to be polarised. It seems you must fall into one camp or another and when I sense this I sense manipulation. I don't understand how you can only like one kind of painting (actually, that could be due to ignorance, so maybe I do understand that) or claim to be a life-long republican/democrat/labour supporter/left-brain thinker or only ever want to support one football team, religious brand, any more than you'd be happy in the same clothes every day.

Have you questioned your position, ask why you believe A. over B?

My half-rant (because it wasn't a rant in full, although this post seems to be shaping up to be one!) was triggered by seeing, hearing, reading just once too often about the greatness, the wonderfulness, the down-right smashing'ness of an artist or artists that are not (in my opinion) any of those things. So it's about me? It's about our unique position, each of us has a view, a perspective, we observe with similar but different backgrounds. Each view, if presented honestly, is true for its self.

The problem is some people adopt a position, art or philosophy (I'm being kind here for some) for vanity, trend, to be noticed and for financial gain. And artists who would not have truck with the likes of Dali have adopted his unbearably materialistic approach without his ability. These same artists have for years now been robbing older artists of their ideas in the 50's, 60's and 70's (I'll post examples here soon) and in many cases hiring talent to do the work for them. This is not historically comparable to the likes of Rembrandt but you might be led to believe he set a precedent. Not so, unless of course Rembrandt couldn't paint to save his life and so began hiring students to teach him where best to sign his name on paintings they created.